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What is a solutions architect? Enable Architect

Learn about the duties and requirements of the solution architect profession. The career progression of an AWS Solutions Architect depends on the type of projects they work on and their overall work experience. AWS Solutions Architects often come from varied backgrounds, taking on this role at different points of their careers. The Total Average Compensation of an L4 AWS solutions architect in the United States is $138,000 per year. Driving discussions with senior personnel of the company, guiding architects and software developers.

These specialists oversee the existing IT systems and networks, and explore and integrate new ones, making sure that they meet all requirements in regard to resilience, security, performance, availability, etc. To successfully align IT solutions with business objectives, solutions architect must have strong leadership and communication skills, as well as both technical and business knowledge. As a solutions architect, you will need to understand the business side of the organization to understand which IT solutions will fit the company’s goals. Your leadership skills will be important for steering the overall process of identifying key business objectives and determining the requirements for each solution.

Solution Architect Background

It is considered as one of the most complex processes done during IT solution development. Solutions architects are becoming increasingly important on engineering teams with the rise of modern technical solutions built into contemporary homes. For example, a new home might include smart systems for lighting, heating, surveillance and security, and renewable energy. Ideally, these automated systems will be designed into the architectural plan from the beginning. While a solution architect is a planner who oversees the whole development process, they also need the ability to focus on details.

Not only do solutions architects help create visibility and harmony between often siloed disciplines. However, this role requires a unique set of soft and hard skills to be successful, making finding the right one for the job an essential task for most businesses. Solutions architects stand at the crossroad of the technical vision and the business needs of an organization. Their persistent desirability in an uncertain job market is partly because of the growing need for visibility and collaboration in technology.

Do you need a solution architect on your project?

You will likely need a bachelor’s degree or higher in information technology, computer science, software engineering, or a related field. For more senior roles, you may need more experience or education, including a master’s degree. Depending on the role, you might also need experience in specific IT areas, such as networking administration, development, customer service, or other relevant areas. First, many companies will use one of the major solutions architecture providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Salesforce Architect, for their roles. As you can see, the core aspect of a solution architecture is communication.

roles of solution architect

They may also find themselves facing conflict between the ideas of management and the ways of development teams, so negotiation skills can help a lot as well. Solution architecture is the https://globalcloudteam.com/ process of developing a set of tech products and services that solve a specific business problem. This takes into account functional requirements, cost, security, time and other factors.

Small and midsized companies that create their own software usually distribute the technical solution architect roles and responsibilities among other specialists. One of the most important challenges of software product development is meeting the stakeholders’ requirements. Usually, a product has a number of stakeholders that are both technical and non-technical specialists. Solution architecture’s aim is to ensure that all their requirements are taken into account. Stakeholders have to be regularly informed about product development processes, costs, and budgeting. These tasks are usually done by a solution architect who translates technical project details into a language that management and non-technical stakeholders can understand.

Also, real customer exposure helped to condition my brain to real-life applications. If you’re only reading books, remember, a book can only capture that one author or individual’s perspective, not a wider perspective. It would be lovely to know everything you needed to know about any big life decision. But what if there were such a person who was not only a subject matter expert on a certain product or solution but also had your best interests at heart beyond the purpose of selling?

When a company needs solution architecture consulting

Failure to provide this consent means we are unable to provide services to you. This section should also be tailored to the specific requirements listed in the job description as much as possible. Depending on the length of your experience section, include between 3-6 bullet points outlining the previous roles’ job duties and your accomplishments in the role. This is especially true for higher level architects, such as enterprise architects. We analyzed thousands of career transitions in your industry and identified the highest value skills to build as a Solutions Architect.

roles of solution architect

They play a central role in any digital transformation by thoroughly analysing your business needs, matching technical solutions to those needs, and keeping track of the management of those solutions thereafter. With a solutions architect on your side, you can reduce risk and greatly increase your chances of a successful project. They must understand how the various parts of the business and its technology environment work together. This means they must be able to recognise and understand corporate strategy and existing business processes and how they help the organisation achieve its goals. This requires deep analytical skills, and the ability to work seamlessly across different departments.

Like any resume, the most effective experience sections are those that can quantify your achievements in previous roles. Abstract by Maria ShukshinaFor many roles, experts recommend avoiding a career summary on your resume. Monitoring the solutions process from start to finish while keeping stakeholders in the loop. You’ll get instant access to all skills and keywords, plus be able to score your resume against them – no strings attached. It’s not a secret that business analysis is an integral part of any project.

How to Become a Solutions Architect?

As companies rely more and more on technology, there will be more demand for Solutions Architects. Analyze the impact certain technical choices might have on a business. Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading providers of online training for Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Data Science, IT, Software Development, and many other emerging technologies. Data architecture combines information and automation in a unique way. See four specific tactics to consider in your career management strategy.

  • A solution architect possesses not only technical ability but also an understanding of human-centered design.
  • For example, a systems architect might be responsible for a system that operates robots in a manufacturing plant.
  • I recently passed my AWS solutions architect exam and will shortly start a role as a Solutions Architect I have no proper Cloud experience.
  • These architects focus on business strategies, structures, processes, and capabilities.
  • A technical architect acts as a bridge between technical and business aspects of an organization and oversees the design and implementation of IT systems.

As the job title implies, a solutions architect primarily focuses on solution-level decisions and evaluation of their impact on a client’s overarching business objectives and their outcomes. CTO at Emizentech and a member of the Forbes technology council, Amit Samsukha, is acknowledged by the Indian tech world as an innovator and community builder. He has a well-established vocation with 12+ years of progressive experience in the technology industry. He directs all product initiatives, worldwide sales and marketing, and business enablement. He has spearheaded the journey in the e-commerce landscape for various businesses in India and the U.S.

How to Get a Solutions Architect Job After the Resume

As part of this process, the solutions architect may also research the best available options and consult with outside experts. He’ll locate outside consultants with specialized knowledge to contribute when needed. A Solutions Architect evaluates the business needs of an organization and determines how those needs can be supported. They leverage software, hardware, and infrastructure to develop solutions.

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If you need to present your future product or solution to investors or stakeholders, a solution architect will identify the best technologies for the product and give a reason for it in plain language. Imagine that for a particular project, a client is very excited to have the ability to control different smart home features from a smartphone. A wise solutions architect will group those functions into systems that the client can more easily control.

Rethinking the role of the architect

Creates and leads the process of integrating IT systems for them to meet an organization’s requirements. Here we will check out top cases when looking for a solutions architect. Any business needs that specify the functional requirements of the software are met here. After that, they pass on their tech vision to their development team, who next starts their work. Top 5 software engineer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. Bachelor’s degree in information technology, software engineering, computer science, or related field.

They fixate on the long-term, strategic vision of the organization and work with to ensure that vision is adaptable. For example,Virtasant provides CloudGuru seatsfor technologists and engineers interested in obtaining AWS certification and recently added GCP and Azure to the list. This awareness keeps tech teams consistently up to date on AWS best practices and emerging technologies. To address the other side of the skills needed, an acute cognizance of technology as it advances and changes is central. CloudGuru offers resources like “ACloudGuru – AWS This Week,” which publishes weekly videos about what has changed in the AWS world. Because of the pivotal nature of their role, solutions architects should receive consistent feedback.

The role of a technical architect is truly varied – so employers look for a wide range of skills while recruiting for the job. The salary you can earn as a technical architect will depend upon your experience. The skills you need to design a resilient enterprise architecture are not so different from the ones you need to battle a zombie incursion. Of course, you always want to make sure you’re in front of these people if they need to talk to you.

Work closely with the involved teams and drive teams towards the deliverables. Escalate issues at the right time to the management and avoid last-minute shockers. 3+ years of experience designing, implementing or consulting in applications and infrastructures. Owning technical engagements, ensuring timely and successful value delivery.

What is the Role of a Solutions Architect: Importance, Required Skills, Responsibilities

Our specialised recruitment teams are drawing on over 30 years’ experience in finding the right candidates for your industry. We pre-screen and meet with candidates before matching them with your business so that you are presented with only the best of the best to choose from. In almost all cases, the job listings will explicitly list the technical and soft skills that are required and preferred of a candidate.

What Are The Skills Of A Solution Architect?

For example, if a solution architect chooses a great but not a really popular technology, they risk losing a rare specialist that will be hard to replace. The main role of a solution architect is to pick a technology stack that reflects the needs of the business and the interests of all stakeholders. This role is complex, as a solution architect solution architecture responsibilities must not only consider business requirements but also the company’s capabilities, budget, and deadline. Expertlead gives companies access to an elite network of digital experts ranging from solutions architects to cybersecurity experts. Our expertmatchplatform is a lively community of vetted freelancers across the technology space.